Lift-top coffee table

Choosing a table for you livingroom is a widely underestimated task. This table becomes the center of your apratment. In there you drink you coffee in the mornings, have some snacks with wine in the evenings, your kid is using it to draw, play and what not. For sure a regular coffee table from IKEA for $15 does the job for most of this, but I think every self-respecting DIY-er has his own signature coffee table.

This is mine!

Everything started from some left-over 30cm wide countertop wood that was left from the build of my TV wall. I hate wasting such things, so I thought I could reuse if for my coffee table, at the same time the styling would match the TV wall since its made from the same material.

So the build has started:

I began with some drawings on the many combinations I had in order to get a rectangular table with separating part that can be lift. I choose the 45 degrees cuts beacause they provide additional space to the lifting part, while you can still access the storage area.

I made a 3D model on Autocad, and extracted all sizes. Once I had this, I ordered some natural MDF to be cut to size, bought wooden legs and puchased the first lift-top mechanism from the hardware store.

2 years later, I had this laying in my garage:

Once the main assembly was done, I added a wooden frame with white plexiglass for the middle hole. This provides shatterproof strenght so I can leave my kid playing without any worries, and provides “light access” from the bottom part.

In order to match the oak wood/white styling of the livingroom, I painted the table legs with some acrylic paint and added some gloss finish.

Table with painted legs

And voilà! The table was mostly done. A few touches I added later were the LED light strip, some equalizer sound reactive lights I bought from AliExpress, powerbank for cell phone charging, and at some point wireless charger that can be used from the lift-top part.

I hope you enjoyed this build. I am still amazed by the many different use cases we find for the table. It’s the most favorite place for my son when having breakfast, watching a movie, playing with wooden trains, painting and any other activity you can think of.

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